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Eurocar Suzuki

Bringing the car brand ‘Kiwis’ love to Palmerston North



Think ‘Suzuki’ and one of NZ’s top selling cars comes to mind! 
 ’Suzuki Swift’ Eurocar Suzuki engages with Freedom to ‘drive’
their promotional strategy.


Transforming spaces with the Suzuki brand, vibrant graphics and
ever changing promotions.  A giant blank outdoor wall has
 become a ‘canvas’ for marketing with Print!  Window spaces are
designed as billboard panels capturing attention and promoting
new sales.


Business prominence has been enhanced with print and signage.  
Billboard promotions, window vinyl marketing and the launch of new
 vehicles is all captured through print.  Of course all the little printed
extras too -  business cards, letterhead, WOF reminders and promo
items make a super practical impact.  

  • Brand
  • Graphic Design
  • Print
  • Signage





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